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Monday, 26 November 2012

R.I.P Soloman

It's been a while since my last post, my poor dog Soloman had to be put to sleep on 13th October because he had cancer. The most shocking thing about it was it was so sudden.

On the 28th of September we paid a visit to the vets to find out about getting a fatty tissue lump removed and all was good and surgery was arranged for the following Tuesday. On our way back Soloman was quite a puller being a large Doberman he was usually strong and very protective and me being 5'2" struggled with him sometimes, I was worried because he would bark and jump up random people but never ever bit, but Dobes have long claws so he would scratch sometimes and sometimes off the lead he would run at people and headbutt them into the air and they'd fall over.

So I pulled him back so he wouldn't get out of control and he coughed.. This was the beginning of the end, this was a Friday and all weekend he had this dry cough and I was worried.

On the Monday 1st October I took him back to the vets who told me this was kennel cough and Solly wouldn't do it in front of other people, so the vet put his hand around his neck I suppose where an Adams apple would be and Solly wheezed so he prescribed him some anti -biotics which I gave to him religiously.

Then Thursday 11th October the cough suddenly changed for the worse but I just thought it had loosened up and was phlegm. From that moment he deteriorated so quickly Friday night he couldn't lay down or sleep with out the cough making him get up and that night he spent mainly on his feet I am only glad I was with him as I decided to stay up with him and I got about 2 hours sleep.

 On Sat morning the 13th October, when I got up he was foaming at the mouth and wanted to stand in the garden, I couldn't help notice he was trembling then my son came into the room and said he had coughed up blood.

By that time and a couple of hours later by the time I got to the vets he was heavily bringing up blood and at first the vet hadn't seen this and listened to his heart and started along the lines of heart decease and telling me what my options were. But with that he coughed up a huge amount of blood and the vet said to me there was no doubt in his mind, my Soloman had cancer and the state he was in meant it was his time to go. (Put to sleep).

I never imagined I'd lose him so quickly and it's taken a while to get over the loss I still miss him terribly..

He was my baby, my child, my companion. He'd been there for 10 years and gave me so much love, made me think it's not fair that we get such a short time with them. I made this video for him.

Never take anything or anyone for granted.

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