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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Dropping like flies, kittens and coats

It's been a crazy few weeks, people falling down around me with flu, pneumonia and food poisoning, I've had the flew jab and it scares me when you read that experts think it doesn't really do any good, because I know it does.. People drop like flies and are taken ill with it and it doesn't effect me one bit. I get symptoms but put them at the back of my head and I know if I don't have it the flu's that are about nowadays would probably kill me.

A couple of years ago I was late getting the jab and was taken so ill I couldn't even get out of bed to get my son to school and I started crying because it made me feel so helpless so I called the doctor out who put me on steroids and anti-biotic and told me if I didn't get better I would have to go into hospital. I'm just glad I got better after getting the anti-biotic, then when I felt better for 1 day I rushed round to the doctors and got my flu jab I can tell you it scared the hell out of me. I'd had pneumonia when I was 7 and I can tell you this flu felt like that.

There are plans to get a kitten in a few weeks she was born 3 days before my Soloman died and I had already thought I'd like her, so I've been getting things in that she will need. I already have an aging cat who is 19 called Simba and I've been a bit worried how she will take to the new one, so I read a few website on what to do, I have to keep them seperated for a few days and get them used to the smell of each other which will be in the air. After a few days I'm to give them a cloth each and get their scent on it and then exchange the cloth. It's going to be a longish process but if I do it right I won't get trouble after that. So I've been out and bought the new kitten a cat carrier,

 a cage and I've ordered 2 new beds which will be coming shortly

. I bought the cage because when she finally does come into the same room as my elder cat I wouldn't feel safe leaving her out when I'm not around because Simba is such a meanie to any other cat, although she loved Soloman and I think to some extent he was her ears, I've started to notice she's a bit deaf.

I've got a wedding in 10 days so I've also been preparing for that, buying jewellery to go with my clothes and a gorgeous winter coat, well I think so anyway, keeps me so warm, I thought as we'll be spending time outdoors for the photos I will get a nice coat and I did.

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