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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Man of Steel

Selling my first piece of work has prompted to do a new picture so I thought who better than the man of steel Superman.. Don't know about you but I think the film looks good and I will definitely be going to the cinima this year to see it.. I usually get there once or twice a year, last year was James Bond Skyfall and Dark knight rises, both were good films although I felt humble watching the James Bond film for some reason, maybe because they were on every Christmas when I was growing up, even the same now lol.. James Bond has been drummed into us lol.

Well anyway getting back to the man of steel..I've also added it to DeviantArt so pop along if you'd like
And maybe you don't want a poster? this could be true, but I think this picture looks really ace on an iphone case like here..
For the Iphone cases pop along to my Society 6 page and have a look at the other offers there.
Have a nice Sunday, I'm going to peel my potatoes now bye

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