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Monday, 11 March 2013

Louis's day

Nearly time for bed so say Louis lol, but I wanted to quickly add an entry as to how Louis is getting on.
Louis and Bandanna
Louis sporting a Yin Yang Bandanna and he's so cute in it lol. He's keep it on for 4 days I've also got a red one he can have as well, we've been to the field and he broke his extending lead the first time I had him out with it lol so then he had to run around with a long lead, one good thing he slept well when we got home and later that night. Another thing I love about him is that where ever I am sitting he will sit with me, that's why I bought the furry rug so he'd have something to lay on when I am on my computer and when I sit on the sofa he cuddles up to me, so sweet.

He's taken to winding the poor dog up in the opposite garden and when ever he/she is out there he won't settle down and keeps crying to go out there. He's still a puppy so he starts to play fight me while moaning lol so funny.

He's putting weight on so that's another good thing, and his ribs hardly show anymore he's looking like he's supposed to now, I'm going into Petathome in a few days and get him weighed and a woman who works for the RSPCA told me that they do micro chipping for £10 so got to find out about that as I want to get him micro chipped.

Louis the weekend I got him
I'm not sure but I think you can see he has put some weight on from this photo. This was the weekend I got him.
Good night all.

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