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Saturday, 9 March 2013


I was recently accepted by Battersea dogs home to adopt a dog, I had been missing having a K9 around and just didn't feel right after losing my Doberman. 

I was so happy that day I was told they had accepted me that I put a status on Facebook about it.

Later on that same day I was contacted by someone who told me she had just been diagnosed with osteoporosis and was finding it very difficult to cope with the 2 dogs she had. She said she had a 6 year old Labrador but he wasn't the problem as he was placid but she couldn't cope with the 18 month, she told me he was a Labrador also and would I be interested. So I told her I had thought about Labrador's at one point.   I made arrangements for her to bring him here and that's when I met my Louis.

He isn't a pure bred Labrador as you can see, although we've been told by someone who's had a generation of the same line of Labradors that sometimes they have ears like that. But I think he's just amazing, he's highly intelligent and keeps me amazed every day. He knows a variety of tricks, even begs, he does take it or leave it and sits so patiently and waits for his lead to be put on I don't understand why she couldn't cope he is very well behave. But he does need neutering, so that's next on the agenda. I think because he's the younger of her 2 he would start her other dog off making it hard for her. Being as he's un-neutered probably tried mounting her other dog. Could be a variety of reasons, but what ever the reason I'm just thankful I met him and he's mine now. He needed fattening up and I've had him a month today and I can see improvement already.

Sadly 2 weeks after getting him, I lost my 19 year old cat to kidney failure so I've had some heartbreak too. She couldn't walk at the end and was urinating herself so we thought it was kinder to have her put to sleep. Still miss her and at the moment I am finding it very difficult to look at her photographs although I did make a video tribute for her.

I miss them both so much, but I am moving forward with my life and now I have Louis and he gives me a lot of love and daily pleasant surprises. He didn't like the brush when I first introduced it to him but with lots of treats and patience I can now brush him, in fact he even rolls onto his back and I brush his tummy. The funniest thing he does is when he comes in from the garden and I wipe his feet he'll roll onto his back so it's easy to clean his paws. Can't believe how fortunate I am to have him, don't know whether it's the fact that my 2 previous dogs were an English Bull Terrier and then a Doberman but he seems so easy and sweet. He puts himself to bed at night which is a dog bed in my bedroom, he'll just go in there lol.
Louis with Simba a week before she died

 I just love his little legs and feet sooo cute.

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