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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Back and I hope you had a good new year

I'm finally back from a whirl wind month it was in December what with weddings and then Christmas but not much of a break spent most of it on my own as most of my family were away or working all the hours god sent.. So I'd be alone from 10 in the morning until 8 at night and this was most of the Christmas season only Christmas day I can say I had company.. Boxing day I was visited for about 2 hours and then I was on my own to my own devices so not good!..

I pined for my dog Soloman and my Kitten had to go back to her Mum for a while as my 19 year old cat wanted her for breakfast............. so.......... miss her now too!
 Don't be mislead by her cuteness this cat eats kittens lol, well not really but she's mean.

Well that was my Crimbo I trust you had a better one than me, on the plus side I did get a Google nexus which is really sort after and not enough of them to buy and when they do come in they are out the same morning, to be precise 3 hours later.. So I kept myself busy, but having something everyone wants has it's down side like my son kept picking it so things that I own kind of become a shared item, mind you I am keeping it more to myself now.

Been busy digitally drawing over the last few days though so this keeps my mind occupied and sketched a mountain lion cub and scanned it into my computer and went from there really, I used the paint brush tool and the mixer brush tool on Photoshop and for the last 3 nights have been working on it, don't know if anyone feels the same but I am never happy with what I do.. I've uploaded the larger size to my Deviantart account and FineArt America one of many reasons I upload to there is because maybe I might buy an actual copy I do intend too and FineArt America is the best one I think for framing a picture. Deviantart is ok but I find it cuts some of the picture out. Anyway I decided to upload a smaller copy of the picture here.

Now I must get to bed I keep having ultra late nights lately so I am going to get some much needed sleep goodnight :)

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