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Monday, 14 January 2013

A tribute to my Soloman

My tribute to my wonderful dog Soloman, I started it back in October just after he died and couldn't bring myself to finish it. But I'm happy I have done now. Miss him so much, dogs are so clever and intelligent. One of the greatest thing that happened to me was meeting him.

He was such a great dog

He came into my life on February 14th 2003, he was my Mums dog to begin with but because I had trained our doberman we had when I was in my teens he was quickly given to me in the August, I had been sharing the care of him before hand, but my home was more dog friendly and from the August I took sole responsibility for him. He threw our lives upside down at first, this bouncy doberman jumping all over the place but we loved him and my sons adored him.

He never had a care in the world and one night a burgalar broke into my house which was a 3 storey house and he was lying out side my sons room on the 3rd floor I am convinced the burgalar got in through my bedroom window, I lived in an old Edwardian house with huge windows, my bedroom was on the 2nd floor and the window was above the wall outside my front entrance. It's my belief that he climbed the wall and jumped up to the window, which was wide open because of a hot summer. Because I was in a state of between asleep and awake and what was dream like I can remember a tall athletic handsome black man walking around my bed smiling a big teethy smile at me, chills me to the bone now. But in my unconsiousness I wasn't phased, I can remember him walking out the room too.

Soon after I heard galloping down the stairs and the front door slamming, this woke me up completely and my first thought was my son had gone out at 4 in the morning and I looked out the window only to see this athletic black man running down the road. I thought it was his friend Paul so I rang Pauls number to have a go at him. Of course no answer, he was asleep at home in bed.

I walked out of my bedroom and down one flight to half way between downstairs and my bedroom. There was Solly standing on the landing with his head tilted to one side. Then it started to dawn on me it was Solly who had galloped down the stairs and scared someone off possibly a burgalar. So at this point all of us were awake and we went down into the sitting room and discovered it had been a burgular, as the ps2 had been taken and some games and videos plus keys out of a coat
The police were called but never found any finger prints. My unconscious experience wasn't remembered until a few days later because of the fact it was dream like. It took years for the full picture to be remembered though, and now I have pieced it together, I am convinced that is what happened. In my head it was like a normal day with this person there like I knew him, for all I know I might have smiled back.

But from that day he became a more serious protective dog who was more alert and took his roll as a guard dog seriously. He would now growl if someone got to close to the house. He always lie on the landing between my bedroom and the sitting room after that.

I started this soon after he died, but couldn't bring myself to finish it, but after I finished the cougar cub I fell in love with the mixer brush on Photoshop and I opened it up and I'm happy I did~Jill

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