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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Sweet Hero

I have such a huge soft spot for Dobermans especially after losing mine in 2012 still missing him greatly and don't know if I'll ever completely get over it, still get a tear to my eye when ever I think about him including right now.

I've taken to digitally painting him and it seems that they're the better pictures I do but that could be because I want to take extra care, knowing how soft his ears were I was always stroking his ears and under his chin the fur was so soft.
He was the kind of dog you could learn so much from because he would let you do absolutely anything to him (within reason.)
I learned to cut a dogs claws because he was so tough nothing phased him, I know now I did it wrong before but he wouldn't grumble he'd just let you do it again until eventually you got it right. Once I clipped the quick, he never murmered just got up and started playing then I was the one who noticed because of the blood and I panicked. He just thought "What's all the fuss". He was my sweet hero, indeed!, R.I.P..

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