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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Photo references of The lords of Salem

Heidi holds her hand up to the illuminated red cross

The fiery demon vision

Heidi leaves the apartment in a trance

The wicked witch

Heidi wakes up and convinces herself it's a dream

An Iron man swings behind Heidi in bed

Heidi takes the dog for a walk

The priest becomes demonic

The priest wakes Heidi from yet another vision

Shaken up Heidi sits outside the church with her dog

Masked man with a goat walks towards Heidi

The author reads the End of American witch book

The witch is taken to the bomb fire in an iron man

The witch hunter reads out what the witches are charged with

The witch cackles and spits at the fire

The witch is placed in a wicker chair with witches around her tied to trees

The witch in the wicker chair

The witch has an iron mask put on her

The author Francis and his wife play the tune on the piano

Heidi arrives to work like she's on drugs

The door to number 5 open and a sinister figure stands in there

The landlady

The radio crew

Heidi receives a mysterious box

Dancing around like a couple of hippies on heat

Heidi (Sheri Moon Zombie)

The witches cut a baby out of someone

Heidi is in a trance

Number 5

Sinister figure in the bathroom

Drug therapy group

The author Francis Mcfyes

The eerie song from the lords is played

Heidi at the radio station

Francis feeling uneasy

The Salem women in a trance

Francis and his wife

The Landladies sisters

Sinister figure in the kitchen

Heidi almost has her palm read

The dog scratches madly at number 5

The door opens and invites Heidi in

Illuminated red cross

Heidi holds her hand up to the red cross

Co - presenter at the radio station

Francis and his wife

Witch hunter

Heidi Le Roc

Mesmerised by the cross

Heidi on her way to meet Satan

The witch keeps an eye on her


Heidi played by Sheri Moon Zombie

The devil?

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