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Friday, 3 May 2013

Lexus 2054

This is one super duper car, I have been wanting to see more electric cars and I thought I'd have a look to see what kind of electric car they are actually making, I look forward to the day that the cars we drive are all electric leaving behind dirty oil. But only every now and then I hear of a nicer electric car and then I discovered this baby. The Lexus 2054 used in  Steven Spielberg's Minority Report. This baby is a real fully functioning electric vehicle!

The custom car was created by conceptual artist Harald Belker, whose film design credits also include "Batman & Robin", "Inspector Gadget", and "Armageddon." Spielberg, Belker, Calty (Toyota/Lexus design studio) and a team of futurists met early in the development process to speculate on what the future of automotive travel might hold, with Lexus ultimately providing styling, luxury and performance cues for the car's design.

Roll on the days when we all use Electric cars!.

A couple of other electric cars.

Hurry up and make this happen!

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