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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Google Nexus 7

I was brought a Google Nexus for Christmas 2012, but what makes me feel special is the fact that it's very hard to get hold of the Nexus, I know in Curry's they only ever get a certain amount that sells out quickly.  I am not one for small fiddly things but it's good to have one when I am cold and sitting under a cover on the sofa.

One of the problems for me is that I am quite small boned and I actually find the nexus quite heavy I know a lot of people would think I am weak, but when I am relaxing I cba to hold something heavy. Recently Candy Crush was installed onto it, but I played it once and then never again lol. I do like Skype on it though as I can use the web cam to talk to my family so thats a plus and the fact I can use it as an ebook reader.

I like the maps on it and the fact it also gives direction and I also like the thought of keeping in touch with people when I visit my parents without being a pain and disappearing to use their computer, it is good to be mobile. Never liked laptops (too finicky) but with the Nexus 7 it will fit nicely into my handbag and then I have my own personal computer when I am sitting around at night. I guess even then I will get to use Candy Crush and the other few games I've had installed for me.

For me, someone who isn't into finicky things I give the Google Nexus 7 a 7-10 score but that's based solely on the fact that I don't like small finicky things I don't even like texting people and usually end up phoning them.

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