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Friday, 1 February 2013

James Dean and Marilyn Monroe

I've had a week of emotional ups and downs, my low point was when Facebook friend Angelica Sellers told everyone she was quitting Facebook but you could still buy her artwork through this webite sad indeed especially when I've had a few conversations with her through email and she was a wonderful person. Life surely does suck!

Then I took my computer, which had a few problems to be fixed and now I have a beast back. It was already a beast when I bought it and have had it for 2 years, I thought it was a graphics card that was playing up but after checks because we know this wonderful man who fixes computer and he and a few others were taking care of my computer like it was a baby lol well she came back super and I was told most of the problems coming from her were WOW related!

World of Warcraft after the expansions became a broken game and causes crashes, black screen where you have to hard boot it and then my screen was flickering.. So after the test they found nothing wrong with my computer only that it had a 250 power supply and it should've been over 300 to make every thing my computer is capable of doing shine so I got  a new power supply of 500 and more ram it was 4 before and now it's 8 and still WOW did the same thing when I got it back so now I have uninstalled it and cancelled my subscription.. If the people of wow won't acknowledge it's their fault as there are pages apon pages about it all over the net, then I won't give them a penny more! Blizz your ignorance has lost you a customer and I hope many more until you address this problem!.

In the last few days I have been doing grungy pictures and loving them, seriously I have really been enjoying myself with this so here they are I have joined new website and you can even have them on cushions hehe

How cool is this :D

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