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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Ray of Sunshine

I used a program called Dynamic Photo HDR for this photo, it's a brilliant program.
I uploaded my photo I took over a field near to where I lived and wanted to see if I could make it effective with the sun rays coming through, I had tried it with Topaz and Photoshop plugin but wasn't entirely happy with the result. Then I heard about Dynamic Photo HDR and always on the look out for new and improved programs I decided this was a must have.

As you can see from the result from the above photo it's a pretty good piece of software.
This was it before I used the program.
I used Photoshop to get rid of the date and added Little Fluffy Clouds to it after
one of my deviantart accounts

The good thing about this software is, it doesn't matter what level of photographer you are your photos will look stunning after you've run them through it. You can mess around with the curves which will basically make some areas more lighter than others etc to get the effect you're after. There's a colour equalizer and Hue all of which you can mess around with until you are happy that this is the effect you are after.


  1. Hi my dear Jill ,
    Now it's a long time since I visited your website,
    but time goes so quickly after me and my family moved to Spain.
    I want to thank you for signing my guest book.
    Here is a new gift I have made to my friends,
    I do hope you like it.
    (I haven't had the time to post in my blog,but when I do I give you the code)
    the gift is in
    Wish you a nice day,hugs from Betsy

  2. Hi Betsy, Thanks for popping by, I'm glad everything is going ok for you and that you've settled a little. Thanks for the gif xx


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